Bad Press Alcohol Thread

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Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:20 am

On the old site I got this thread started, not because I'm anti alcohol but to highlight what a toxic and harsh drug that alcohol has the ability to be. The majority of the news items were pretty much New Zealand based ie sports people, celebs, politicians, uni students, you know, your average joe doing stupid shit while they are having a few drinks...


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:31 pm

Gang of drunken elks terrorise homeowner

Last updated 15:28 11/09/2013


Humans aren't the only angry drunks out there. Alcohol abuse by animals is apparently also on the rise.

For example, Sweden's drunken elk season is just beginning. During the northern autumn months, ripe fruit falls to the ground and ferments, giving even elks enough alcohol to get a good buzz on.

A few weeks ago a Stockholm police incident report stated that a mob of the boozed-up elks - four adults and one calf - had terrorised a local homeowner after he refused to let them into his garden.

The Local talked to the policeman who filed the report.

Here's what officer Albin Näverberg had to say: "I'm not surprised that [the homeowner] called the police when he was faced with a gang of five drunken elk. They can be really dangerous. They become fearless. Instead of backing away when a person approaches, they move toward you. They may even take a run at you."

Näverberg told The Local he had some fun writing up the report. "Things were quiet and when it came in. I said, 'I have to write this up.'"

The boozy animals left the scene when the police showed up, the Alaska Dispatch said. A similar story made news in 2011 when a drunk moose ended up stuck in a tree.

Drunk animals aren't all that rare. Fungus turns the sugars in fruits into alcohols. In the Stockholm case, the fruit in question was likely apples from the homeowner's tree. Even fruit flies get drunk - and get rid of parasites while they do it.

While a Scientific American story from 2008 claimed to find scant evidence that animals like to get drunk in the wild, other anecdotal stories abound. Mother Nature News reported finding five creatures who loved getting drunk, including elephants and bears.

The reports of drunk elephants seemed to be exaggerated, though. While the animals do eat alcoholic fruits from the Marula Tree in the wild, they don't eat nearly enough to get them drunk.

Some animals are used to the naturally occurring alcohols in fermented fruit, and even seek it out. One species of shrew can "drink" all night without ill effects, as can some fruit bats.

Not all animals get drunk naturally, though. Over the weekend a feral pig was spotted ravaging a Western Australian campsite for beers. After stealing what was reported as 18 beers from campers, the pig was seen getting into a fight with a cow, according to ABC News in Australia.

there were links to other pages in that item but I couldn't be bothered getting all fancy and putting them in the story itself I'll just list them below.  They make for interesting reading


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Killer drunk driver jailed for five years

Post  hometoad on Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:12 am

Killer drunk driver jailed for five years

A drunk driver who killed his mate and injurued five others when he crashed in Northland last year has been jailed for five years.

17 September 2013

A Dargaville man who admitted the manslaughter of a mate who died in a alcohol-fuelled car crash in Northland has been jailed for five years.

In May, Samuel Jack Guest, 23, pleaded guilty to killing Anthony Charles Matich, 19, who died when an overloaded car left the road and rolled into a ditch in November 2012.

Guest, who also pleaded guilty to five charges of driving with excess breath alcohol causing injury, was sentenced to five years' prison when sentenced in the High Court at Whangarei on Tuesday.

Guest was among seven young men in a car that rolled before landing in a ditch on November 11.

The Subaru, driven by Guest, landed on its roof.

Mr Matich died at the scene while two others were flown to Whangarei Hospital with serious injuries and three others suffered moderate injuries.,tst


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:41 am

Teen couple sexually abused child and posted pics online



A teenage pair who plied a girl with alcohol before sexually abusing her and posting pictures of her ordeal on the internet, were sentenced at the High Court in Auckland on Tuesday.

A female, 17, who has name suppression, was sentenced to intensive supervision for two years and 200 hours community work.

Her former boyfriend, Johann Daubeck, 19, has previous convictions for sexual offending and was sentenced to prison for seven years.

He will serve a minimum sentence of at least four years.

The court heard how the couple got the child, who was aged 10 , drunk before taking her into a forest.

They took turns sexually abusing her and photographing it before posting some of the images online.

Justice Ellis said the use of the internet meant the images have the potential to haunt the child for the rest of her life.


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:15 am

Heavily pregnant drink driver caught

Last updated 15:15 02/10/2013

Police were shocked when they pulled over a suspected drink driver to find a heavily pregnant woman in the front seat.

Their suspicions were confirmed when she was breath tested and recorded 639 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg/L.

Brook Megan Waru, 28, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court to driving with excess breath alcohol when she was stopped on Bealey Ave in the city's centre on August 29.

Senior Sergeant Dean Harker, of Canterbury road policing, said the arresting officer noticed a car being driven erratically and swerving between the lanes about 7.30pm and pulled it over.

Waru had two passengers and told the officer she was due to give birth in two weeks.

Harker said it was unusual for police to find someone so heavily pregnant drink-driving.

''If she had an accident you've got to think about the unborn child,'' Harker said.

Waru was processed at the police station then the arresting officer dropped her home, he said.

Child Youth and Family (CYF) had been notified.

Waru, of Bottle Lake, was disqualified from driving for six months and fined $700.

The Ministry of Health's publication Alcohol and Pregnancy: A practical guide for health professionals said there was no known safe level of alcohol use at any stage of pregnancy.

A CYF spokesperson for the organisation was working with those involved and the family, but declined to comment further.


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:57 pm

Alcoholic: Send me to prison

7:55 PM Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

A self-confessed alcoholic on her ninth drink-driving charge asked a Rotorua judge to send her to jail.

Fiona Johnson, 43, got her wish yesterday when she was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment, after earlier admitting drink-driving and driving while disqualified.

Johnson had eight previous drink-driving and 11 previous driving while disqualified convictions.

Defence lawyer Douglas Hall told Rotorua District Court Johnson had spent the past six weeks in custody, during which time she had had time to reflect.

It was the first time she had confronted and acknowledged her alcoholism, he said.

"She admits she is an alcoholic.

"She says it's a good thing she's been in custody [because it's] enforced sobriety."

Mr Hall said Johnson wanted to deal with her alcoholism and accepted jail would be the best place to do that.

udge James Weir said Johnson's latest reading was more than twice the legal limit and her alcohol readings had always been "really, really high".

"You are an accident waiting to happen," he told her.

He referred to another case in Hamilton yesterday when a drink driver was jailed for four years after killing another motorist.

"Members of the public are lucky you haven't had an accident and killed someone," he said.

The judge referred to a letter of remorse from Johnson and complimented her for acknowledging she needed help.

Johnson was also disqualified from driving indefinitely.

Sleeping drunk teen killed by train

A Mid Canterbury teenager was killed after falling asleep drunk too close to railway lines.

23 October 2013

A Mid Canterbury teen died after falling asleep drunk too close to railway lines and being struck by a freight train, a coroner has found.

Daniel John Genet, 19, was killed in April last year when he was struck by the cow-catcher of a northbound freight locomotive. He died at the scene.

The driver - who had sounded his horn as he passed through Hinds - saw someone lying beside the tracks curled up in a ball, but travelling at 80km/h could not stop in time, according to the report by coroner Richard McElrea, released on Wednesday.

Mr McElrea ruled out Mr Genet taking his own life as he had been in good spirits and texting girlfriends before he left the Hinds Tavern, where he had been drinking with friends.

He sent a text message about seven minutes before he was struck.

His blood alcohol reading was 158mg per 100ml of blood, nearly twice the driving limit for an adult, and Mr McElrea said he had misjudged how close he was to the railway lines and fallen asleep.

Trees may have muffled the train's horn but that and the light did not wake Mr Genet.


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:10 pm

Teen killed by train after falling asleep beside tracks - coroner

7:45 PM Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

A Canterbury teenager who was struck and killed by a train had fallen asleep beside the tracks after drinking at a pub, a coroner has found.

Daniel John Genet, 19, was hit by a northbound train at Hinds, south of Ashburton, early on the morning of April 29 last year.

An inquest heard he had been drinking and playing pool with friends at the Hinds Tavern, opposite the train tracks, before leaving without telling anyone where he was going.

He had also smoked cannabis that evening.

Mr Genet's family believes he was sitting up and sending a text message when the accident happened, but Coroner Richard McElrea found there was clear evidence he was not texting at the time, and had been asleep beside the tracks.

The inquest heard Mr Genet had been drinking with two friends on a Saturday night before all three decided to go to the Hinds Tavern.

Mr Genet had been in good spirits and had been texting at least one woman. He then left the tavern unannounced and ended up by the train tracks directly opposite the pub.

His friends noticed he was missing and went to look for him at the house where they had been drinking. They could not find him and returned to the tavern to find emergency services at the railway line.

Mr Genet had been struck by the cowcatcher of a train that was travelling about 80km/h with a full light beam shortly after 1am.

The learner train driver, who was being supervised at the time, told the inquest he had noticed something beside the tracks and realised it was a person.

"I then noticed he had white shoes and was curled up in a ball. The next thing I heard was a thud so I used the emergency brake."

Mr Genet was thrown onto a grass area beside the tracks.

The train's engineer found him and made sure emergency services were notified. He tried to signal tavern patrons with his torch, but received no response.

The engineer covered Mr Genet with a high-visibility vest and did not move him. He was declared dead when an ambulance arrived.

A post-mortem examination found his death was caused by impact injuries to his head, spine, chest, abdominal organs and limbs. The injuries were consistent with being struck while tying down.

Toxicology results showed he may have been smoking cannabis and had a blood alcohol level of 158mg/100ml - more than three times the legal limit for drivers aged under 20 of 50mg/100ml.

Coroner McElrea noted that family members and at least one friend believed Mr Genet had been sitting up and texting when he was struck.

However, phone records showed his last text message was sent at 1.06am, while the train's records showed the emergency brake was engaged some seven minutes later.

"The evidence is clear that he was not texting at the time of impact. He was asleep beside the railway track," Coroner McElrea said.

He found Mr Genet had failed to respond to the lights and sound of the oncoming train. The death was unintentional.

toxicologist wrote:Toxicology results showed he may have been smoking cannabis and had a blood alcohol level of 158mg/100ml - more than three times the legal limit for drivers aged under 20 of 50mg/100ml.
statements like this I have always found annoying as some results never make it clear what level of impairment the cannabis produced and if it was a contributing factor but only that it was present and the statement was added to give a dog a bad name, the dog being cannabis and not the poor young fella who died so tragically young...

Teen killed may have been asleep on road

Joshua Jamie Gardiner appears to have been asleep on rural road when he was struck and killed by a four-wheel drive near Rangiora.

22 November 2013

A teenager killed after being struck by a car in North Canterbury appears to have been asleep on the road.

Joshua Jamie Gardiner, 17, died after he was run over by a four-wheel drive when he was lying in the middle of Boys Road near Rangiora, about 30km north of Christchurch, in the early hours of Thursday.

Senior Sergeant Malcolm Johnston says it appears Mr Gardiner had been socialising with friends in Rangiora before heading on his bicycle towards his home town of Woodend, east of Rangiora, but abandoned the bicycle on the rural Boys Road.

"He appears to have fallen asleep on the road some 400 metres from where the bicycle was left," he said.

Snr Sgt Johnston said alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

The driver didn't see Mr Gardiner, who was wearing dark clothing on the 100km/h road, and was extremely distraught, he said.

Snr Sgt Johnston wrote:alcohol may have been a contributing factor.
I might be jumping the gun here but I'm guessing that alcohol was probably a major factor.

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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:07 am

Judge calls for Kapiti community to address problems

Updated about 1 hour ago

A judge sentencing a 25-year-old man for a fatal stabbing has warned that if problems with alcohol and violence on the Kapiti Coast are not addressed, more people will die.

Tristim Eastham has been sentenced to five years and 11 months in jail for the manslaughter of 20-year-old Sean Strongman-Lintern who died in a carpark outside a bar on 15 September 2012.

At the High Court in Wellington on Thursday, Justice Ron Young noted it is the second time this year that the court has sentenced a young man for killing another young man on the Kapiti Coast.

The judge was referring to the previous case of Izak Millanta, whose killer was jailed for six years for manslaughter.

Justice Young said more deaths will occur if alcohol-fuelled violence is not stopped on the Kapiti Coast.

"Something is wrong in the community as small as this when this happens. Other serious assaults, maybe other killings, are going to occur if this carries on."

Sean Strongman-Lintern's mother, Nichole Craig, told the court that since her son's death she has been unable to work in social services and teaching, and has rented the family home out to pay the mortgage.


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:13 am

Roast Busters `disgusting', Key says

Prime Minister John Key says the Roast Busters' actions were "disturbing and disgusting" but he understands why girls haven't laid complaints.

4 November 2013

Prime Minister John Key has condemned the "disturbing and disgusting" behaviour of a group of teenage boys who had sex with drunk girls and then named them on the internet.

Police have been investigating the Auckland teens, who call themselves the Roast Busters, for about two years.

They say they've held a "full and thorough" inquiry into rape allegations but can't prosecute because none of the girls have laid a formal complaint.

"As a parent I find this issue very disturbing and abhorrent," Mr Key said on Monday.

"It's extremely disturbing and disgusting behaviour and these young guys should grow up."

Mr Key says he understands how difficult it is for the girls to come forward.

"It's a very challenging situation for a young woman to put herself in - she would be subject to a full and open process and these are very delicate years for young girls."

The Labour Party has criticised the police for not taking action, saying girls have been gang raped, but Mr Key says it's very difficult to prosecute without a complaint.

He says the internet naming that's taken place would be illegal under the Harmful Digital Communications Bill that's going through parliament, because it would come into the category of cyber bullying, but the issue is much bigger than that.

Police said on Monday detectives from the Waitemata Child Protection team have been on the case since 2011, when a teenage girl informally reported what had happened to her.

"A full and thorough investigation was launched and the offenders and circumstances were identified. All identified and possible victims were contacted by police and encouraged to give formal statements which would assist the inquiry," police said in a statement.

"Three teenage boys were formally interviewed by police as suspects, but unfortunately made no admissions. A fourth boy refused to co-operate."

The Facebook site - although "offensive and inappropriate" - did not provide evidence which could be put before a court.

Police will continue their investigation.

The Roast Busters Facebook page has been removed after TV3 aired videos on Sunday night of two of its members explaining what they've been doing.

"A true roast is where you know you are going there intentionally to roast this female," one says.

"We don't choose a roast, the roast chooses us. We have girls hitting us up to hang out with us. They know what we're like; they know what they're in for."

I've just been watching TV3 6pm news and it appears that one  of these boys is the son of a high profile entertainer and another is the son of a police officer...


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:29 am

PM condemns Roast Busters sex group

Last updated 16:42 04/11/2013

Prime Minister John Key has condemned the alleged actions of the Roast Busters gang as "extremely disturbing and disgusting behaviour".

The Auckland men, thought to be aged 17 and 18, film their sexual exploits with drunk teenage girls and post the footage online. Victims are understood to be as young as 13.

"These young guys should just grow up," Key said this afternoon.

"I guess, as a parent, I find the issue very disturbing and abhorrent really.

"I mean, you are talking about youngsters who are at a very delicate age."

Key defended the work of police, who have spent two years investigating the gang, without any charges brought.

"It is very difficult to progress this issue, if someone isn't prepared to make a formal complaint.

"And it's a very challenging situation for a young woman to put herself in that position."

Key said that under a proposed law, the online bragging would be classed as cyberbullying and would be unlawful.

The Harmful Digital Communications Bill is yet to be introduced to Parliament.

Asked if Facebook should have acted to remove the sites, Key said the Government needs "to continue to look at those matters", but it is "more for the Government to try and set boundaries".

Police had contacted possible victims as recently as two weeks ago and interviewed suspects.

Detectives alerted the high school the suspects were attending, and in a statement today, Waitemata police vowed to keep investigating to build a case.

An inquiry team had worked tirelessly for months on the case, and offenders and circumstances had been identified, they said.

A "full and thorough" investigation had been carried out but without more evidence, such as formal statements from victims, police were unable to prosecute.

"Detectives from the Waitemata child protection team have been working on the case since 2011, when a teenage girl came forward to police to informally report what had happened to her," police said.

"Three teenage boys were formally interviewed by police as suspects, but unfortunately made no admissions. A fourth boy refused to co-operate."

All identified and possible victims were contacted by police and encouraged to give formal statements.

"We appreciate their difficult and traumatic situation, however without further evidence such as formal statements police are unable to prosecute the offenders in this case," police said.

"In the past two weeks, police contacted the girls again to see if any were at the stage where they felt able to make a formal statement to police, and will continue to investigate this case and to build sufficient evidence to progress this matter."


Meanwhile, Rape Prevention Education executive director Dr Kim McGregor said that if media reports about the Roast Busters were correct, what they were doing was "absolutely rape".

"Some of the girls are children, they're only aged 13 so that's rape. Even if you're over 16 and having sex with people who cannot give consent because they're stupefied by a drug, that's rape."

The attitudes of the men involved were a "huge concern" and unfortunately widespread, she said.

"They have been saying it makes them feel like a man, and talking about women not as humans but as boasts - dehumanising them. I hope men's groups are stepping up to address this."

The group started a Facebook group five months ago and have been calling for other men to join them, 3 News reported. The Facebook page has since been taken down.

"We take what we do seriously, some of you think this is a joke, it's not," said one of the men in an online video.

"You try and get with the amount of girls we do. This is hard, it's a job, we don't do this s... for pleasure."

One underage girl who spoke with 3 News said she was a victim of the Roast Busters.

"I just kept blacking out 'cause I had drunken too much," she said. "You could say I got raped. I had sex with three guys at one time."


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:11 am

Drink-driving sportswoman named

5:30 AM Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

A sportswoman convicted of drink-driving after police appealed against a decision to dismiss the charge will suffer "real consequences" in her career, her lawyer says.

Casey Anne Mullany, 29, was originally granted name suppression and discharged without conviction on the basis it could impede her ability to compete overseas.

But the polocrosse player, who has represented New Zealand internationally, was convicted in the Gisborne District Court this week after the police applied to the High Court to have the matter re-heard. Judge Tony Adeane disqualified Mullany from driving for six months and ruled that she could be named.

The decision was a good result for police, said Eastern District police spokeswoman Kris McGehan.

"Obviously we appealed the initial decision as it had been unfair, and we are pleased with the outcome."

Mullany's legal team has already appealed against the latest decision, which means her conviction and disqualification will be put on hold until the appeal is heard in the High Court.

Defence lawyer Zahir Mohamed who, with lawyer Marcia Insley, represented Mullany, said his client was not happy with the result.

"She is very disappointed and very upset," he said. "We are not giving it up."

If the conviction was upheld, it could affect her ability to compete in polocrosse overseas.

"It will have real consequences against her career. She won't be able to travel and she competes in this sport, and travel is very important to her, to get to Canada and those types of places."

Mr Mohamed said Mullany losing name suppression would not make much difference. "The main thing is the conviction - once you have a conviction against your name, you can't travel and all that."

Mullany, who has spent much of this year working in the UK, had returned to New Zealand especially for the case to be reheard.

She planned to return overseas, but if the appeal led to another rehearing, then she would have to come back to New Zealand.

In his decision, Judge Adeane said Mullany had suffered enough from the storm of publicity after the case made headlines.

Mullany was caught driving at twice the legal breath alcohol limit in November last year in Gisborne after an argument with her ex-fiance.

She admitted she had been "unlawful and stupid" but asked for a discharge without conviction because she was having a bad time after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Ms Insley had successfully argued for leniency, saying it was rare for a Maori woman from a poor upbringing to excel in sport. APNZ

Its a pity that the police didn't see fit to do the same with P Money after he stuck his cock in that girls face after he'd had a few drinks...


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  negitivevoid on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:43 am

Some of the punishments and the acts of the authority's are just about as much of a crime as the crimes themselves....well not really, but you get my drift.


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:20 am

Woman sentenced for drunken hijinks

Last updated 14:57 27/11/2013

A Hamilton woman who performed sex acts on a cardboard cut-out at a city supermarket while intoxicated has received another dose of community work.

Marise Louise Marks was sentenced to 60 hours' community work in the Hamilton District Court today. The sentence is on top of an earlier sentence of 40 hours' community work Marks was given in August on a similar charge.

The court today heard that Marks, 41, was drunk inside a Countdown supermarket recently when she started "simulating a sex act with a cardboard cut-out".

She refused to stop and was still up to her hijinks when police turned up and arrested her.

It was then they found a pocketknife.

Marks was initially charged with disorderly behaviour and possession of an offensive weapon. The disorderly charge was withdrawn by police today.

Judge Glen Marshall said Marks had not even begun her earlier community service, despite it being three months old.

"Your commitment to sentence development is appalling."
negitivevoid wrote:Some of the punishments and the acts of the authority's are just about as much of a crime as the crimes themselves....well not really, but you get my drift.
I hear what you are saying dude.  Again I would just like to say what a wonderful drug alcohol is...


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:56 am

Mystery remains 50 years after murders

The story of the Bassett Road murders has been comprehensively revealed in a book, 50 years on, and mystery still surrounds the killers.

7 December 2013

If Barry "Machine Gun" Shaw hadn't gone to the movies on the night of the Bassett Road murders, it might be him - not Kevin Speight and George Walker - still being spoken about 50 years on.

It was Saturday, December 7, 1963 when the bullet-riddled bodies of sly-grog dealers Speight and Walker were found by their landlord at 115 Bassett Road, Remuera, Auckland.

A 6pm liquor ban remained in place from World War I and sly-grog houses fed the alcohol cravings at night.

Machine guns appeared on screens and were readily about, but were rarely seen in Auckland.

That was until Ron Jorgensen and John Gillies got their hands on one.

The papers called it "Chicago comes to Auckland" and police depicted the double murder as a sly-grog turf war, but the real motive was a 17-year-old girl, author Scott Bainbridge says.

"The crown and the police certainly perpetuated the myth that there were Chicago-style gangsters running around Auckland," he told NZ Newswire.

"And it was true to a very small extent, but in actual fact the murders all occurred over the affections of a girl."

But that night could have just as easily turned fatal for another member of Speight and Walker's inner circle - Barry Shaw.

Shaw's girlfriend Lola had met with Jorgensen a few nights before the double murder and asked him to sort Shaw out.

Jorgensen sent Gillies, who got hold of the machine gun, and went to find Shaw.

"Luckily for Barry he decided to go to the movies that night," Bainbridge said.

Unable to target Shaw, Gillies went to a sly-grog house to show off his gun and was asked if he could take care of Speight and Walker at a beer house.

"It could have had a very, very different outcome if Barry hadn't gone to the movies."

Jorgensen and Gillies were arrested on New Year's Eve and convicted of the murders, but evidence against them was weak.

Much of Jorgensen's perceived guilt rested on his faked alibi, Bainbridge says.

"I think today, if that case was heard today, Jorgensen would have been acquitted," he said.

Both killers served their time, but their whereabouts now remains a mystery.

Jorgensen disappeared in 1984 after a faked car crash - some believing he staged his own death and snuck away to Australia.

Bainbridge went to Perth as part of TV show The Missing to try to track down Jorgensen, but now believes he's dead.

"Jorgensen was the kind of guy who was really extroverted and he was the life and soul of the party and he wouldn't lay low for too long," he said.

"A lot of the old gangsters are united in their belief that he was executed on the night he disappeared."

Bainbridge believes Gillies is alive, somewhere in New Zealand, living by a different name.

The author has released a book about the murders, titled The Bassett Road Machine-Gun Murders, which led him to interview several figures around at the time.

One was ACT MP John Banks, who had held the machine gun used to kill Speight and Walker days before their death.

Mr Banks, who had a part-time job cleaning the sly-grog houses before school, chose not to fire the weapon for fear of it being traced back to his criminal father, Bainbridge says.

Pieces of the case are also put together in the book through interviews with investigating police, Jorgensen's defence attorney and a crown lawyer.

Bainbridge says it was important for him to tell the story of one of New Zealand's most famous murders now, before the memories and real-life accounts disappeared forever.


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Re: Bad Press Alcohol Thread

Post  hometoad on Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:03 am

Teen wants off hook because of famous dad

Last updated 10:32 08/12/2013

The son of one of New Zealand's most prominent leaders is being allowed to keep his drink driving charge a secret because publicity could have "extreme consequences" for his father.

The teenager pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol in the Auckland District Court last week, but will apply for a discharge without conviction.

He was originally charged in Gisborne in October after being caught driving while nearly twice the legal drink driving limit.

It is not clear why his case is now being heard in Auckland.

The teenager's lawyer, Paul Wicks, applied for interim name suppression claiming that if his client was named in the media it would have "extreme consequences for his father" who is a public figure.

The name suppression will be readdressed later this month.

Wicks told the Sunday Star- Times it was inappropriate to comment on what grounds he would be applying for a discharge because the case is still in front of the courts.

Auckland-based specialist drink drive lawyer Stuart Blake said it was uncommon for people on drink driving charges to seek name suppression.

"Name suppression is normally appropriate in cases where publishing the defendant's name would likely cause undue hardship to a victim, endanger a person's safety, create a real risk of prejudicing a fair trial or that it might cause extreme hardship to the defendant and or his family," he said.

Blake said in cases such as these there was normally no risk of endangering a person's safety and because most matters were dealt with by judge alone, there was little risk of prejudice to a fair trial.

He added that he advised his clients that pursuing name suppression - especially for a charge of drink driving where it was uncommon - could elicit the scrutiny they wanted to avoid in the first place.

"It's human nature, when we're told we are not allowed to know something we instantly want to know what the secret is."

Earlier this year, a judge's decision to discharge and grant name suppression to polocrosse player Casey Anne Mullany, 29, was widely criticised. Mullany, who has played for New Zealand internationally, was originally discharged and allowed to keep her name secret on the basis that a conviction could affect her ability to compete overseas.

Police appealed the decision and it was overturned in the High Court last month. Mullany was disqualified from driving from six months and name suppression was overturned.

A range of high-profile New Zealanders, such as actor Robyn Malcolm and Colin Carruthers, QC, had been named after drink-driving offences.


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